What are the easiest things to substitute to make a favorite meal gluten free?

Pasta dishes are easy to make by replacing regular pasta with corn or rice pasta.  No other alterations are usually needed.

The same holds true with stuffing where simply substituting gluten-free prepared bread cubes will not change the taste of a favorite recipe.

Commercially-made gluten-free pizza shells lead to great homemade pizza.

Sauces can be thickened with a mixture of cornstarch and water or a paste made from butter and brown rice flour and whisked into a gravy.  Rice flour does a fine job replacing regular flour when you need to dredge meats or fish or add a bit of flour to browned meat in a stew.

By the way, I serve these gluten-free versions to friends and family and the “special diet” factor does not register until they notice I am eating, too.